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Newsletter - September 2009



The Summer break over, there are seven more mind-stretching talks ahead - as in your printed membership card. If you care to remind yourself of the topics coming up, just go to our website and click on the programme tag.


Chloe Cockerill led us through the arcane and codified world of heraldry, its rules and messages. A nice touch was that her lecture included several local references to the county of Norfolk and the city of Norwich. Perhaps the few tests she set us were not all answered with complete confidence.

Thank you to the very good number who completed our online feedback form and to those who filled in the red report cards at the meeting. Your views are extremely valuable as they allow us to make a comprehensive report to NADFAS House, as we are required to do after each speaker. A short summary of your ratings is below but as this Newsletter can be read later in the archive on an open website, we will shortly send more detail directly to members.

Briefly, 90% of respondents found the lecture topic to be excellent or good; 87% found the speaker to be excellent or good. Your comments showed the evening as greatly enjoyed and far more interesting than many members had expected.

One detail: we thought the numbers at the meeting were lower than usual but on checking records it seems that September has a lower attendance than most other months. Late holidays?


We’ve been conscious for some time that newcomers to Norwich DFAS can feel out in the cold at early meetings. Members Don and Anne Wordsworth, together with Jo Helgesen have kindly agreed to be our welcome team. Their role is to make introductions, to help new members feel at home and explain the format of meetings plus and a little about NADFAS. They will be in attendance near the signing-in desk. If new members care to look out for the team, we hope we can provide friendly faces to steer a pleasant way into Norwich DFAS.


With our most recent joinings, we now have over 62% of our membership contactable by email. This really helps us provide information to you quickly and economically; you will notice that details of the October 20th AGM meeting together with minutes from the 2008 AGM have been sent in this way.


The President of NADFAS, Christopher Lloyd, is giving the annual Art Fund lecture at the Castle Museum on Thursday 15th October at 6.15 pm. Tickets cost £10 each and include a glass of wine in the price. Full details can be obtained from David Wines on 01508 494628.


The trip on 3rd September was a great success and appreciated by all. Our thanks to Madeline Weston who organised the visit. A number of members have kindly contacted Madeline to express their appreciation. She asks if anyone has a few digital photographs of the day that they would care to send to her at (not the address printed on the card) for possible use on our website, and to join the written report of the visit.

Incidentally, please visit our website from time to time to see the latest updates and reports.


Those attending (it’s a sell-out!), please remember to bring along an item or two of jewellery on which you’d like to learn more. Our lecturer, John Benjamin, is a world expert and the final afternoon session, the ‘Surgery/Workshop’ will be rather flat without specimens to identify and appraise – at no charge. Priceless items are not expected, just pieces you feel you would like to know more about.


We are delighted to report that all places are taken for our November visit. Thank you for your support. We look forward to a report and pictures.


At our next meeting, we hope to have a little ‘feature’ running for Norwich DFAS on the large plasma screen above the signing-in desk. Just raise your eyes and …


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