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Newsletter - November 2011


Russian Music and Art

Our November lecture covered a panorama of the art and music of Russia in the period encompassing the Revolution. We were lucky enough to enjoy the playing of Petra Casen at the piano, who gave an expert recital selected from the composers of the day, including Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, Khachaturian, and Stravinsky among others. The backdrop to her playing was a series of reproductions of the artists of the day, and interspersed with the piano pieces, we heard Nicholas Slope’s informative lecture on the way art and music were influenced by the political changes of the time.

The variety of styles of painting ranged from impressionistic, through realism, symbolism, mysticism, to the abstract constructivism of Kandinsky, the social realism under Stalin, and the Agitprop posters, which exhorted the people to uphold the Soviet ideals. Diaghilev was a major patron of Russia artists and took an exhibition to Paris, where he continued to work with the Ballets Russes. Many of the artists left Russia under the Soviet system, including Chagall and Kandinsky, and musicians Stravinsky, Prokofiev and Rachmaninoff but Khachaturian and Shostakovich stayed and worked within the censorship of Soviet system. This talk threw a light on a less known story of 19th and 20th century art.

Lentulov “Wife and Daughter” 1915
Lentulov “Wife and Daughter” 1915

5,000 years of GlassAndy McConnell

Those who attended Andy McConnell Special Interest Day in Park Farm Hotel Hethersett, might have been expecting the usual interesting and informative but rather dry delivery that we sometimes find in lecturers. Instead we were taken on a roller coaster ride of theatrical entertainment, including comedy, pathos and impressionism from a charismatic and energetic glass expert; the interest and information were also present making it a memorable day.

For a report of this event Click Here

On-screen show of our Society

Our foyer presentation at the John Innes Centre is being made into a new and improved slide show to welcome you as you sign in and give an impression of our activities to guests and new members. The pictures will represent events and lectures of the current year. The presentation that we made a year ago was looking a bit jaded and out of date, so please be sure to watch out for our new foyer display at the Christmas event!

Christmas celebration

We have had an excellent response to our invitation to the Christmas party and lecture, but if you have not already replied please do so by 23rd November in order to book your places. Your Committee will be working hard to arrange party food and drink for the evening and the lecturer is David Bostwick who has always proved extremely popular in the past. Come along and learn the history of our festive season’s customs and traditions.

The Lord of Misrule
The Lord of Misrule

A major exhibition of photographs by John HedgecoeAdditional interesting exhibitions

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich

The Face of the Artist
A major exhibition of photographs by John HedgecoeSplendour and Power: Imperial Treasures from Vienna

Until 4 December 2011


Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Splendour and Power: Imperial Treasures from Vienna

Until 8 January 2012


Royal manuscripts: The Genius of Illumination

British Library, London

Royal manuscripts: The Genius of Illumination

Until 13 March 2012