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Newsletter - May 2010


King George III – “The most cultured Monarch”

Fittingly, Oliver Everett delivered a most cultured lecture for our May meeting. We should consider George III as no madman, he told us, but a lover of the arts, endowing the nation with a vast library and establishing the Royal Academy. His accumulation of clocks and children, 15 of the latter, demonstrated his flair for collecting both springs and offspring. As to losing America, there was enough evidence to suggest that pragmatic George knew the future cost to Britain of America as a colony was likely to outweigh that of it as an ally.

A popular lecture attracts questions and, even with an eye on the clock (not one of George’s) in order to catch the London train, there were plenty from members, who also distinguished themselves by having correct answers for most of the questions thrown at them during the lecture. In all, an excellent blend of history and art.


That eye on the clock …

Many of our speakers come from London. With the last train back at 9.00 pm, on occasions this can lead to a hurried ending to lectures. At a recent Committee meeting it was discussed whether we should make 7.00 pm the start time for our evening lectures, rather than 7.15pm as it is now. Having just issued new Membership and Programme cards showing 7.15 pm, and that time also appearing on the NADFAS national website, it was thought best to leave any change until consulting members and, if there is a majority in favour of an earlier beginning, to introduce this from next May, the start of our new year. However, if there is a strong preference for an immediate change, then this should be done. We’ll send out an email Feedback format enquiry in the near future to gauge your opinions.

Cookham and Eat’em

Invitations to visit Stanley Spencer’s Gallery in the village of Cookham, and for our annual Garden Party with sumptuous English tea, this year at Ranworth Broad, are being distributed. We can’t run to colour pictures on flyers but if you care to visit our website, address above, click on Visits & Events, you will see both outings featured with colour illustrations. Simply click on the blue headings and more pictorial content comes up.  Even more: if you click on the three pictures of Ranworth, they grow before your eyes! Early booking for both events is advised.


How do our tea and coffee servers know how many they serve after our meetings? They count the saucers taken out from the cupboards. This month it was 84, highest ever!

Speaker Ratings

Those at the May 18th meeting may have seen on the notice boards the results from the year’s Feedback you provide for our ten speakers. Allocating the five categories of Outstanding to Poor, 10 points down to 2, the top half of the 2009/10 table is:

Rosemary Ransome Wallis 

Nov 09



Paula Nuttall

Jan 10



Chloe Sayer 

April 10

Mexican Arts


Jane Gardiner  

May 09



Chloe Cockerill 

Sept 09



Malcolm Kenwood

Feb 10



Geoffrey Toms

March 10




Rosemary Ransome Wallis is overseeing our October visit to Goldsmiths’
Hall. Not to be missed!

New Members

Shortly, invitations will be posted to new members for the welcoming Tea Party we hold each year, exclusively for our recent joiners. This year’s Party is on Sunday 20th June from 3.00 pm at Ingloss Manor House near Loddon, south of Norwich. Full details are in the invitations and the Committee looks forward to meeting there as many as possible of our newcomers.


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