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Newsletter - March 2009


New Year

Our new season, 2009/2010, commences on May 1st, and renewal notices have gone out. For the first time we published on the website the full programme of lectures up to April 2010, and have also included similar information with the mailed out subscription request. Some members may prefer the revealing of a mystery after renewal but, on balance, we felt it sensible to give as much information as possible and as soon as possible.  Our Programme Committee, immediate past and the new, have been working particularly hard to engage first-class speakers covering a wide and interesting range of topics and we hope you will enjoy and appreciate their selection.

Membership levels are critical to your Society and we are delighted that our number was maintained for the year just ending. We certainly hope to equal or exceed this in the year 2009/2010. The size of our venue allows us to accept new members, unlike some societies that are obliged to run a waiting list. Shortly, and with your help, we will initiate a push to recruit new members.

March Lecture

Frank Woodgate treated us to his exposition on ‘Women Artists looking at Women’, with the associated title of ‘Does my bum, look big in this?’ In the event, there was very little ‘posterior focus’, but frank self-assessments of form, character and status by a variety of women artists. We were told of the convention in earlier centuries that prevented women artists from painting male studies, hence their attention, very often, to self-portraits or portraits of other women.  The lecture gave us a different slant on the depiction of the gentler sex.

A number of you might have been disappointed at the loss of some text on several slides, until corrected at the request of the speaker. Later, the technician advised that the format had been tested before the lecture and it appeared satisfactory. As the lecture proceeded and there was evidently a loss of some areas of the right hand text, he felt unable to interrupt the presentation until asked, as there was no certainty that it could be corrected in a reasonable time. There are, apparently, several possible programmes that needed investigation to make the necessary change. That the change was made relatively quickly when asked for was more by good luck than design. We hope glitch didn’t spoil your enjoyment of the evening.

Feedback Form

For those who were at the March meeting, it would assist us greatly in our preparation of the report we are required to make to NADFAS on each speaker, if you would go to the link HERE and complete your assessment of the Lecture and Speaker qualities. Your comments are also particularly welcome. Remember, please, that your evaluation is entirely anonymous unless you elect to provide your email address.

Fame – of a sort – finally!

Those at the March meeting will have heard that after many years of providing the excellent NADFAS Quarterly Review with pictures and text of our various happenings, we finally received a call a month or so back saying we would figure in the 2009 Spring Issue sent to you a few weeks ago. We had hoped for a picture or two from those we sent of our Garden Party last year. Unfortunately, no picture of our elaborate 25th Birthday cake, but at least, on Page 52, we head the column of Anniversaries.

Thank you, Pat Stuart

At the March meeting, the chairman thanked Pat Stuart, our long-serving Programme Secretary, who has handed over to Committee Member, Liz Pierce, now Programme Secretary and to Naomi Milne. Pat’s loyal and inspired service in this vital role has been much appreciated. We wish Liz and Naomi an enjoyable and successful time with their new responsibilities. On our behalf, both attended the Annual Directory Meeting in London this week and, no doubt, will be bursting with new ideas for speakers.

Visit to Cressing Temple Barns & Layer Marney Tower, 23rd April 2009

There are just 5 places remaining on this trip. Anyone interested in joining the outing (details sent to you in February) should act now, please, by contacting Max Bone on 01603 712273. A late and fascinating addition to the day has been made by including a ‘drive-through’ visit to the nearby Art Deco village of Silver End.

Sold Out! Mozart – the Operatic Genius

We have just heard that Peter Medhurst’s day at the Theatre Royal, Bury St. Edmunds, on Thursday 30th April with a team of singers is now completely sold out. If you wish to check for return tickets, please contact the theatre Box Office at 01284 769505.

Our next meeting – Tuesday 21st April

George Hart will talk to us on Palmyra, City of Queen Zinobia.  In modern-day Syria, Palmyra is often called the City of Columns, and Queen Zinobia, its ruler from around 268BC, in some ways presaged our Queen Boudica, in that for a while she gave her country’s occupier, the Romans, a bloody nose. If you would care to log on to , there are several panoramic views of this magnificent city of the desert. This will be an intriguing talk and we hope to see as many of you as possible on 21st April.


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