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June 2010


Cook’s Tour

Our June talk by James Taylor, former curator of paintings at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, took us on the 3 voyages of Captain James Cook, with impressive and informative slides of paintings and drawings by his ships’ artists. Brought home to us was the daring of the voyagers, their ventures into greater unknowns, perhaps, than today’s space travel. We saw illustrations of the tribes of the South Pacific, of then unfamiliar animals, birds, fish and terrain, mountainous seas and icebergs, from tranquil Tahiti to Cook’s death in Hawaii. The talk followed on very well from our May lecture on King George III, the monarch at Cook’s time.

To the over-worked paragraph title pun: our lecturer is shortly travelling to Melbourne, Australia, giving a lecture there to Australian DFAS on Ocean Liner Art. The city of Melbourne is the home of Captain Cook’s Yorkshire cottage, transported stone by stone and re-assembled there; Melbourne in Derbyshire was the seat of Lord Melbourne, Queen Victoria’s first prime minister after whom the Australian City was named. The same Derbyshire Melbourne is also the birthplace of Thomas Cook, founder of the eponymous travel company.

When to Begin?

Once again, our lecturer had to leave in time to catch the 9.00 pm train for London, taking with him the opportunity for questions. In early September we will send an email Feedback form asking your views on moving the start our meetings to 7.00 pm, that is, a quarter of an hour earlier than at present. For those not on email, we will arrange a paper response system.

Quick Trip to Local Craftsman

If you go to our website, Trips & Visits, there is a full report with pictures on a fascinating visit on June 9th to Philip Hodge at Kirby Bedon, teacher and practitioner of the arts of cabinet-making, gilding, veneering, marquetry and many other skills. If we learned the secrets of more than a number of techniques, we also heard a great many new words of the trade. Who knows what skewings are, or gesso?


New Members’ Tea Party

A very happy tea party for 20 of our new members plus chairman and committee was had on Sunday afternoon, 20th June, at Ingloss Manor, the home of committee member Monique Bourns. David Wines welcomed recent joiners and wished them a happy future with Norwich DFAS. Convivial conversation was only stemmed by attention to consuming sandwiches, cakes, chocolate brownies, scones and strawberries and cream, and if not lashings of ginger-beer, then unlimited cups of tea.

Summer Garden Party, Thursday 22nd July

This is the final call for anyone wanting to join our Old House Garden Party on Ranworth Broad. The take-up of the boat ride has been exceptional, such that we will be issuing numbered tickets to members on arrival, with allocated times to help smooth our embarkations. Please contact Gill Hatton if you still wish to book and we will see if we can accommodate you.

May Speaker Rating

In case you weren’t aware, members’ rating for Oliver Everett, last month’s speaker on King George III, was exceptionally high at 84%, scoring very close to last year’s top ranked Rosemary Ransome Wallis’s talk on silver in November 2009.

Summer Break

We meet again – other than for the Garden Party in July – on September 21st. September meetings are usually the lowest attended of the year but we will send a reminder nearer to the date. Online Newsletter service will be resumed after the September meeting. Enjoy summer!


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