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Newsletter - January 2009


A Very Good New Year!

More than wishing all of our Norwich DFAS members a happy and rewarding 2009, we are bringing an excellent and all-embracing series of lectures to the next 12 months. Our new Season, of course, runs from 1st May this year to 30th April of 2010, with topics and speakers for the first four months of 2009 as already in your current Membership Card. From May this year, however, there will be talks on porcelain, heraldry, glass, silver and more. Full details will be in the April Newsletter, prior to membership renewal from May 1st 2009, with more lecture information than we can normally include on the Membership Card.

And a Very Good Start…

Our first talk of the new year on 20th January, ‘The 1925 Paris Arts Decoratifs Exhibition’ was given by Mary Alexander and had the audience captivated. Not only was the subject one that transported all watching and listening back into a dizzying era of innovative high fashion and design, the legacy of which lasts until this day, but the speaker was knowledgable, fluent and enthusiastic in the subject, with a range of excellent slides. The scale of the 1925 Exhibition was more than could reasonably be imagined now. The selection of books and illustrations that the speaker brought for members to look through was a nice extra touch to the evening. The number of questions asked after the talk clearly showed the high level of interest in the subject. If the rest of the year’s lectures are only half as informative and entertaining, we will have been well provided for.

A cold evening and competition from television showing the inauguration of the American President, Barack Obama, didn’t prevent attendance numbers being pleasingly higher than average.


If you would like to help us collate members’ reactions to the January or any following lecture please click on the following link and fill in the simple reply form to tell us your evaluation of this speaker and topic. This helps us with choosing future lectures and our reports to NADFAS house.

More than just Coffee

The recently introduced offering of free coffee and biscuits after meetings, to encourage members to socialize and discuss the lecture just heard, looks to be popular, about 55 people (up from 30 plus last time) staying on for 20 minutes or so. By request, more than just coffee, we also now offer tea. For those interested in that sort of thing, it looked like 40 coffees to 15 teas served. Our speaker, Mary Alexander, joined us and was able to answer a good number of additional questions on the 1925 Exhibition.

Royal Academy Byzantium & Palladio Exhibitions, 26th February

As announced at the January meeting, all 49 seats for our visit to these two exhibitions have been taken up. In addition, however, there is a waiting list of 17. Efforts are being made to see if a similar visit in March by the Wensum society has room for our waiting list and we are expecting news on this shortly. We are individually informing those on the waiting list of the situation. The 49 successful applicants will note that their cheques have been presented, confirming their reservation. As always, there is no way of predicting accurately the uptake for various visits, the usual outcome being an undersell of capacity rather than an oversubscribing as in this case. Although we are very happy to have arranged such a popular visit, it goes without saying that we are extremely sorry to fail those we can’t accommodate.

Next Meeting, Tuesday 17th February

Michael Howard spoke to us two years ago on Lowry and proved an excellent speaker with a great knowledge of his subject, backed up with lavish illustrations, all reasons why we have invited him back. Another significant reason, of course, is that his subject, ‘The Sculpture of Degas and Rodin’, covers an area of the arts which we have not included for many years. We will all know something of the work of both artists, but this is an opportunity to go deeper and with Mr Howard’s light but informed touch be sure of a first rate evening. We look forward to a really good attendance.

Rodin’s The Thinker Degas’ Dancer


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