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Tuesday 20th June 2017
'Faking It — A Desire to Deceive' — The Allure of Imitation Jewels and Gems from 1500
Susan Rumfitt

Today we are used to wearing costume jewellery and buying stones that have been enhanced in some way. But how did all this begin and when, if at all, did it become an acceptable practice? From counterfeit balas rubies found in the Cheapside Hoard to the foiling of precious gemstones, and the production of the cultured pearl, this lecture will take you on an exciting journey about the intriguing behaviour of gemstone dealers and jewellers across Europe since 1500 in their quest to deceive!

Susan is an independent jewellery advisor, auction consultant and lecturer who has studied for a postgraduate degree at Glasgow University. She was international jewellery specialist at Phillips Auctioneers from 1996 and then Head of Department 1999—2002 and is a specialist on the BBC's Antiques Roadshow.

The gemstone at the front of George Vs Imperial State Crown
The gemstone at the front of
George V's Imperial State Crown


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