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Arts activities for young people

Years 2012/13 and 2013/2014, Locksley School, Norwich



Norwich DFAS has paid for a local artist, Tyrel Broadbent, to work with the children at The Locksley School in the south of the city. The school is a short-stay school for pupils who have left their current provision for a variety of reasons. Tyrel worked with pupils two days a week to create a large mosaic; the design is based on the school logo of a tree with all the leaves being represented by hands. The areas within the hands are filled by pupils’ choices of images and items personal to them.

The school staff and Head are delighted with our contribution, and have reported that pupils with attention difficulties have concentrated on the project and really responded to working with Tyrel, who was very popular with both pupils and staff. (Maybe the fact that he arrived at the school in black leathers on a large motor bike gave him a certain aura – at least to the boys!)

This is the largest project with young people that Norwich DFAS has undertaken to fulfil our charitable aims of fostering education and appreciation of the arts, as well as providing children and young people with exciting opportunities to get involved in creative arts activities. The mosaic was completed at the end of the summer term of 2013 and the outlay is to be divided between our financial years 2012/2013 and 2013/2014.